Shoulder massage

If you have a shoulder problems, like a shoulder block, or you can’t move it anymore, or you had an accident, doctor Saad can check and fix your shoulder.

Doctor Saad asks three questions:

  • What is your specific shoulder problem?
  • When did you get your shoulder problem?
  • Why did you get this problem?

Shoulder problems can be very painful, and if you don’t have it fixed you could need an operation. Doctor Saad has helped many people that didn’t need a shoulder operation after his intense deep-tissue massages.

Who is doctor Saad?

Doctor Saad is a blind, medical masseur living in Ko Yao Yai, Thailand.

He has been treating and healing people from all over the world for more than 30 years. His favorite saying is ‘no pain, no gain’, which illustrates his approach; his massages are not directly aimed at being pleasurable, but focused at fixing (chronic) problems that you might have in your body for a long, long time.

He inheritated his healing power from his grandmother, which makes him the 3rd generation healer in his family.

‘My hand is my eye’, according to doctor Saad, ‘and your enery comes to me through my hands and this is how I can feel what I need to do and how I can heal you’.

He has a little private clinic in the middle of Ko Yao, located beautifully in the middle of nature, rice fields and coconut treas.

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What does it cost?

Doctor Saad can do single sessions of 1 hour or 1,5 hour.

However, many people decide to schedule multiple sessions to allow doctor Saad to thoroughly treat and heal the body. For such sessions doctor Saad calculates different pricing:

1 session


per session of 1 hour

5 sessions


per session of 1 hour

10 SessionsRecommended!


per session of 1 hour

20 sessions


per session of 1 hour

30 sessions


per session of 1 hour


I had five sessions with Dr. Saad. My legs were holding tension and I had been severely injured by an acupuncturist who pierced my sciatic nerve bundle and caused me excruciating pain for months. In Canada I went to all kinds of therapists but little did they help. In five sessions (the first, very painful!) Dr. Saad gave me back my legs. Thank you Dr. Saad!

Michael Wallis, Canada

Never have I endured so much pain, but thankfully never have I had so much to gain! Thank you for your attentive work, so much more insightful than diagnosis I’ve had in the UK. Watch this space – I will let you know the long term outcome. Best wishes, and see you again for next time I’m in the south of Thailand

Louise Amodio, UK