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Backpain – spine – hernia


Frozen neck – chronic neck pain – whiplash


Headaches – migraines – problems sleeping


Sports injuries – chronic shoulder pains


Knee injuries – meniscus – ligaments/tendons


Sports injuries – joint pains – ankle splinters

Docter Saad – Medical Massage

Change your life with medical massage/reflexogy!

Do you have …
Headache, neck or back pain, blocked energy, migraine, menstrual pain, sports injury or
want to increase your blood circulation or boost your sexual energy?
Go see doctor Saad!

Treatments by doctor Saad

I am glad to have found you after the tsunami since I had so good results with your treatment last may (2004). This time, your work has been extremely helpful, with major improvement in my back and shoulders. My shoulders have not been so free and flexible since being injured 10 years ago. Now they feel like they are unstuck and in perfect alignment. I strongly recommend dr. Saad to anyone with physical injuries or chronic conditions, Your friend Harry from Seattle USA

Harry - Seattle USA

Dr. Saad – top massage! Chronic back pain for 15 – 20 years, now feeling much better! Many people said it would not be fixable – I didn’t believe them. Your powerful massage fixed my body up! Thank you and good luck! Robin, Alice Springs, Australia

Robin - Alice Springs - Australia

Dear Dr. Saad, after running for massages for so many years I found you and had the best one of my life! It helped me a lot and I could feel body reactions right away, so I will always come back for this great experience. Thank you!
Es war die beste massage die ich jemals hatte, vielen lieben dank!

Uz - Germany

Dear Dr. Saad, thank you for your gentle but insistent work, and for pushing my body to release its tightness. I feel pain seeping out of my muscles where I was holding in and holding back my movement. Yours is a very challenging massage and equally rewarding. May you continue to bring happiness and prosper, Russell, Sydney Australia

Russell - Sydney - Australia